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In 2003, a group of healthcare professionals, educators, and government representatives convened to create a national curriculum for healthcare leaders. This group, the National Association of Healthcare Leadership Professionals (NAHLP), developed core educational courses that have been adopted by numerous universities across the country. For the past 20 years, NAHLP has been a front-runner in both academic and organizational based healthcare leadership development and quality improvement.

About the Certifications

Update: in the fall of 2022, NAHLP was contracted to create a certification related to quality improvement. We are pleased to announce that our Certified Quality Improvement Engineer certification was approved by ICPE and is now available for attainment.

In 2019, NAHLP was commissioned to create national certifications related to two major shortfall areas within the field of healthcare: 1) health facility management, and 2) human resources within healthcare.

As NAHLP set out to create certifications for these shortfall areas, numerous providers and state government entities requested a certification for special care unit administration. Due to the growth of special care units across America, NAHLP rose to the challenge and created the special-care manager certification.

NAHLP developed the four certifications by extracting the core blocks of learning from the accredited bachelors, masters, and PhD programs they have created over the past 20 years. NAHLP’s collegiate programs have been nationally and regionally recognized by the following organizations:

  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Senior College and University Commission
  • Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges
  • Distance Education Accrediting Commission
  • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • International Accreditation Council for Business Education
  • The New England Commission of Higher Education
  • The Higher Learning Commission
  • NASQ

The certifications developed by NAHLP are applicable to those with or without advanced degrees. They are industry proven and in high demand.

NAHLP – creating tomorrow’s healthcare leaders today.

NAHLP's three certification programs are proudly accredited by the International Center for Programmatic Excellence

About Us

Certification FAQs

Q: Why does it only take hours instead of months like other certifications?
A: NAHLP believes that there is a lot of bureaucratic red-tape and unnecessary fillers in mainstream certifications. As such, we dedicated ourselves to creating impactful and meaningful courses consisting of useful tools that can be applied in the workforce today, not months later.
Q: Where are these credentials recognized?
A: All three of NAHLP’s certifications are internationally accredited by the International Center for Programmatic Excellence (ICPE). They are recognized in the United States and outlying protectorates, Canada, Mexico, the European Union, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Q: How were the certifications developed?
A: Since 2003, NAHLP has been at the forefront of healthcare leadership development. Collectively, our subject matter experts have written a total of 43 collegiate courses. They have developed four bachelor programs in healthcare administration, two masters level healthcare programs, and three doctoral programs in healthcare management and organizational leadership. The core materials from these courses and programs form the basis for our certifications.
Q: After certifying, how and when do I need to renew?
A: Certifications are valid for a period of 24-months. At time of renewal, a small “What’s New” course and a nominal administrative fee of $40 is required.
Q: How does my employer verify my credentials?
A: Employers can access NAHLP where they will complete a verification form. All verification requests are fulfilled within 24 hours, regardless of date or time received.


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